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Individualized Therapeutic Support for Children and Adolescents

Dabbing in Water
A Hug

Is your child having difficulty with...

Frequent meltdowns and tantrums?

Having out of proportion reactions to things?

Constantly negotiating and talking back?

Managing stress and anxiety?

Feeling nervous about talking to unfamiliar people?

Worrying about everything?

Not paying attention or following directions?

Getting in trouble at school?


Providing Comprehensive Evaluations
Evidence-Based Treatment 

Mother and Daughter

Helping children, parents, and caregivers to:

Improve family communication
Learn how to handle big feelings together
Reduce fighting and stress at home 
Practice flexibility and bravery
Make time together more fun!
Partner effectively with their child's school team

Available Services:

Evidence-based interventions for children and their families

Support for parents and caregivers to more effectively manage challenging behaviors at home, and reinforce skills learned in therapy sessions

Behavior management support for teachers, SEITs, paras, and other members of your child's school team

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